Santa has a Zack Morris cell phone

When I grabbed my new door bell from the box of Christmas goodies I also grabbed a few Christmas decorations.

I snagged these three snowman buddies because they were cute, still in the original plastic wrapping, and the colors matched the colors in my living room nearly perfectly. {The green actually matched the wall color a little too well so I put them on my kitchen table instead.}

I also grabbed this awesome hanging hook thing.

Please note the Zack Morris cell phone.

And that one of the kids on the list is apparently something from geometry or trigonometry. {Angle?! Haha!}

While the out-dated Santa and his typos amuse me to no end, I’ve decided to give my new hook-thing a face lift and a new purpose. I’ll be hanging it in my kitchen on the laundry room door to hold my apron(s) in an attempt to get myself to actually use said apron(s).

I removed the paper image of Santa and painted the inside a cream color.

Next up I will show you the finished product. I have to say that it turned out pretty cute…

{On a completely unrelated note, I have a new cousin!! Well, second-cousin I guess. Baby Aaron was born yesterday at 1115am to my cousin Micah and his wife Megan. I’m so excited!}


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  1. It does look very cute so far, even if I do miss the awesome Santa image. Congratulations on succeeding in your crafty adventure!

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