Good-Bye 2009, Hello 2010

It is kind of sad to say good-bye to yet another year, but that means we get to say hello to a shiny new year full of possibilities and undiscovered adventures!

I’m choosing to be excited instead of melancholy.

2009 was pretty darn great though…

And now for my obligatory 2009 Greatest Moments recap:

1) I bought a house. Definitely a noteworthy event to mention. It was quite an adventure looking at houses, trying to visualize what I could do with each one while being realistic about my abilities, finances, and limits to my sanity. Four months after closing I am still happy with my decision/commitment to debt.

2) I kayaked in the Sea of Cortez. It was absolutely amazing and I realize that I haven’t done it justice on my lil’ ol’ blog here. I had great intentions to write an in-depth account of our adventures in Baja… but that didn’t happen. At least not completely. I’ll try to fix that. {I just finished editing the photos from the trip over this past weekend!}

3) I went to the Bahamas with two of my loves. Ok, technically I went in December of 2008, but it was also an amazing trip and worth mentioning.

4) I got a new cousin! Actually… two! My cousin Micah got married in March (+1) and they just had a son on New Year’s Eve (+1)! I love my big crazy family and I love that it just keeps growing.

5) Weddings, weddings, and lots of photos. A bunch of my friends got married in 2009 and I was able to make it to most of the ceremonies– and I was even in one of them! And of course I took a bunch of photos. JP and I also did a few weddings and I did a few shoots on my own (families, maternity, a golf tournament/benefit, and a few others). Lots of fun and hopefully I get to do more shoots this year!

Griffin and Jordan are getting married this July. {I did their engagement photos!}

Liz and Justin got married. {I did their engagements, too.}

I went to NY for Jeff and May’s beautiful wedding.

6) Book club! aka An Excuse to Get Together, aka Craft Club, aka Glee Club. It started as a Book Club, but we rarely finished {or even started} reading the books and never discussed them when we got together. Now it has morphed into a Crafty-Whatever Club. I like to think of it as a Ladies’ Club. Whatever we call ourselves, it has been wonderful reconnecting with friends and forming new relationships now that we are “adults” (psh). I love that I can get together with friends I met during high school and not talk about high school!

7) I turned 25. YAY for cheaper car insurance!

8) Everything else. There were lots of great get-togethers, moments with friends and family, projects on my house, lessons learned, enjoying my pup, etc that I wouldn’t change for anything. It’s all of the little things that make up LIFE when we aren’t paying attention while we’re waiting for the next “big” event.

I hope 2010 brings more of all of the above as well as new adventures. Thanks all for making 2009 so great. :)


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  1. Ahh, I love the pictures. Especially cake pictures. I think I would decorate more cakes (disasters and all) if I could only take good pictures of them. Because really, what’s the good of making them if you can’t put them on your blog. Also, I really love the imagery of the phrase “shiny new year” :) I think I”ll use it in conversation whenever possible.

  2. love the pics – and really love the ladies group. i hope we can get together again soon. i have lots of projects on the plate. some portable, some not-so-much.

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