The Forgotten Beatle

I was on my way to Quilcene and decided I needed a snack for the road. I stopped in a pizza joint (that happened to be two doors down from an identical pizza joint) to grab a slice of Hawaiian. The owner tried to charge me $550 for a single slice! He made me feel guilty that I was only buying one slice since he could only afford to pay the shop girl (who barely spoke English) 50 cents a week, so I bought some chips and a carton of root beer too.

With my snacks in hand I began my walk to Quilcene. In the dark. With cars rushing by. I quickly decided that it wasn’t a good idea to walk all the way to Quilcene and turned around.

Then a car full of people stopped and offered me a ride! (To say “car” is being generous. It was more of a raft-mobile of seats on wheels without walls.) Turns out one of the girls recognized me (at this point I was thankful I turned around because not many people can recognize me from behind) and knew my family in Quilcene… and they happened to be going to the same party I was headed to! Perfect timing.

We ended up at a different party and we watched some weird movie. I spent a lot of time talking to one of the guys and we discussed immigrant rights, how unfair it was that the pizza joint shop girl only made 50 cents a week, and other worldly issues. It got deep.

We played RockBand for awhile, and all the guys started singing “Here, There and Everywhere.”

I finally realized that I had been picked up by the Beatles! Except Ringo was replaced with this Bennie dude. He was really good but didn’t seem to fit the “image” the other three guys had going.

Or maybe it was Bernie.

I woke up feeling sorry for Bennie.

Dreams are weird. I wonder what it means…