My Growing Family

I love my family.

I loved growing up with 20 (give or take) cousins running around crazy and a bunch of aunts and uncles (by blood or honorary) to watch over us, mess with us, teach us, make sure we didn’t get hurt (too badly), the older cousins watching out for the younger, etc.

Sometimes it makes me sad to think that the youngest cousins weren’t able to experience that or that they didn’t even know our grandparents at all (on my dad’s side).

Now the cousins are starting to have little ones of their own… it’s a new generation, a beginning of new traditions and a chance to give them great memories of family and love.

“Thank heaven… for little boys”

For now there’s just the one… Little Aaron. The first great-grandchild and the first of the next generation to carry on the family name. Someday there will be more for him to play with, tease, go snipe hunting with, pick on, conspire with… grow up with.

For now he will have to soak up/deal with the love and attention from 20ish first-cousins-once-removed, 6ish great-aunts and uncles, 2 aunts, an uncle, grandparents, and great-grandmother… and that’s just some of Micah’s side of the family!

This last photo of Little Aaron and Micah is one of my favorites from when they came to visit me. It almost brings tears to my eyes if I think about it too much (so I try not to).

So, so much love. <3


4 responses to “My Growing Family

  1. He is so precious – and the brand new parents look like they are holding up really well!!
    I love your photos Sarah – I think you could photograph gravel rock and I would love it! :-)

    • Thanks, Jess! Now I feel like I should step up to the challenge and take some pics of gravel. ;)

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