Smile and Be Nice

Good customer service still matters, maybe now more than ever considering the state of the economy.

I very rarely receive customer service worthy of mentioning but the other night I was pleasantly surprised at the kindness of the employees at two different places.

First I went to Austin Chase for some hot chocolate and tea. The people have always been friendly there, which is one of the reasons I prefer to go there than other coffee establishments. This particular visit I struck up a conversation with the coffee dude about tea… we talked about how we prefered Harney & Sons over Tazo, different types of tea, how and where tea grows, etc. It was pretty awesome. And then– he let me have a free sample of one of his favorites that they sell there! {Orange Dolce by Mighty Leaf Teas… I just drank it, very yummy!} He also let me know that the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble sells Harney & Sons tea.

Later that night I wanted to check out his suggestions– he also said that World Market sold H&S tea. I stopped by World Market first since I didn’t know what time they closed. Unfortunately I got there a bit after 910pm to see that they closed at 9pm. As I made my way over to Barnes and Noble next door the girl from World Market came outside, got my attention {“ma’am”… made me cringe a bit inside} and asked if I knew what it was that I wanted. I was shocked that she even bothered to come outside and then she offered to let me get what I needed! Most people are just in a rush to close up and get home. {I just asked her if she knew if they sold H&S teas. She said they didn’t, but I’ll go later to double-check… like I need an excuse to go there. Ha!}

Those two brief encounters put me in a better mood that night and left me smiling.

This goes to show that a) good customer service, although seemingly rare, does still exist and may be even more impactful because it is so rare… and b) you truly never know how your actions may be received– a simple pleasant conversation about tea may just make someone’s night.

Moral of the story: smile and be nice people. It makes life better… for others as well as yourself.

{Oh, and B&N did have Harney & Sons tea! It looked like they just had teas from the Historical Royal Palaces collection. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I just might have to! I think the prices are about the same as online, too. $10 and change for 30 sachets.}


2 responses to “Smile and Be Nice

  1. glad you got some tea love :)

    fyi – churchmouse on bainbridge sells H&S teas…. and yarn too ;)

    & i believe town & country markets (central market, etc.) sells mighty leaf

    • Oh my… Churchmouse just gets more and more dangerous! As does Central Market! My tea collection is growing– I love it! We’ll have to do a tea-tasting or something one of these days.

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