Lovely “New” Pillows

What do you do when your living room set comes with a bajillion extra pillows?

Seriously. Ok, maybe not exactly a bajillion… but there’s currently a garbage bag full of extra pillows in my office closet, hiding. I don’t know what to do with them.

Thankfully I have wonderful, amazing, talented, generous friends that believe I am worthy of their wonderful, amazing, talented skills.

How did I get so lucky?

I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Anywho… back to the pillow canundrum.

My friend Kim has been helping me decorate my house. She found some fabric at Joann’s that worked perfectly with my color scheme and the warm-cottagey feeling I’m going for. The reds just happened to match the Pier 1 pillows I picked up and the sagey green of the leaves nearly match the color of my living room walls all on a creamy background. The colors couldn’t have been more suited if someone had designed it with me in mind.

She took one of the bajillion pillows home with her one day not too long ago and made two of these {the rosey pillow is from Pier 1 and is more dusty than the photo shows}:

One of the bajillion pillows is crammed inside, like so:

And then buttoned up:

I love the buttons!

You can see the wall color in the photo below, although it isn’t quite correct. {It’s Behr’s Laurel Mist.}

I couldn’t stop admiring my “new” pillows once I got the covers on them. They add a perfect amount of personality to my rather dull couches.

Love them!! Thank you, Kim! You are, as always, amazing. The pillows make me even happier since they were made by the hands of a wonderful friend.

Now I’m inspired to get a sewing machine to make covers for the other bajillion-2 pillows hiding out in the closet. Maybe I can have different covers for different seasons to switch things up throughout the year?