DIY Inspiration: Knock Off Wood

Oh my goodness. Have you heard of Knock Off Wood yet??

Let me warn you now… it’s a very, very dangerous blog if you can relate to any of the following:

1. Love the look of Pottery Barn and other fancy {read: expensive} “brand name” furniture.

2. Money is an issue when it comes to acquiring new furniture.

3. Have any DIY skills, can follow directions, and have access to some power tools… or know someone that has DIY skills, can follow directions, and owns power tools (and knows how to use them).

Have I caught your interest yet?

I hope so. Ana from Knock Off Wood is a self-taught furniture master and she is generous enough to provide amazing, detailed plans to her blog readers… for free!

I like free. And I love the pieces that’s she’s created plans for.

Like this awesome Williams Sonoma Home kitchen island. Something I would love to have for my kitchen but there’s no way I’d pay thousands of dollars for it!

Enter Knock Off Wood. Ana has plans for a super similar kitchen island that you can build for much, much less moo-la. (I believe her price estimate doesn’t include the counter top, but still.)

Then there’s this awesome Pottery Barn recycling center. I’ve been trying to figure out something for recyclables in my kitchen. Right now I’m using random paper bags or cardboard boxes… super classy, I know.

Ana posted the plans for this recycling center and I knew that it was the answer to my unspoken wishes.

I’ve mentioned my quest to re-purpose my office-ish room. I’ve been inspired by a mood board posted over at YHL… and then I found these simple plans for a daybed and plans for a sleek desk on KOW. Perfect! Just perfect.

Now all I need is some time to make some of these awesome projects happen… and I need to sweet-talk my dad to let me/help me use his tools {and probably his expertise, too}.


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