The Vision

I am another step (or maybe even two or three… it depends on how you measure the steps) closer to achieving my “vision” for my office-ish room.

Oh wait… have I mentioned my vision??

I mentioned my inspirations in this post… the YHL mood board for a very similar room plus KOW’s simple daybed were the starting points of my epiphany.

I slept on it and awoke with a wonderful vision of the room my office-ish space could one day become.


I spent a good amount of time making up the floor plan of the room and then figuring out how I could fit in all that I wanted. (I’m very demanding.)

Here’s the original floor plan:

It’s not to scale {I make maps, I had to say that!} but it gives you an idea. I didn’t include the “stuff” that’s all over… visualize boxes of random stuff, frames, old computer, etc. The closet has two shelves that run the whole length of the top of the back wall and hanging/sliding doors.

And here’s my “vision” floor plan:

Again, not quite to scale. The “vision” includes taking the doors off of the closet, replacing them with curtain panels of some sort, and possibly adding more shelves to the right of the dresser. Eventually I would want to add additional shelves or storage on the walls around the desk and two-drawer file cabinet.

I’m not entirely sure what colors I want to use in the room. I want it to be a warm, welcoming, cozy space free of {too much} clutter… that way I can do my household stuff with ease, work on projects, and any guests that decide to visit for the night can have a comfortable place to sleep.

I’m thinking about painting most of the furniture a chocolate brown, I have a red shaggy carpet that I would like to bring in, and I recently got a blue “piece” that I’ll be sharing with you soon. However, the walls are a light, soft yellow color and I don’t think it will go too well with my vision of brown + blue + red. Any ideas??


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