Ikea Strikes Again

My mom and I stopped at Ikea on our way home from the Puyallup Dog Show last weekend {Sunny, my mom’s pup, was entered and got Winner’s Dog on Saturday for 2 points– we didn’t enter Taylor, but they are both entered in Portland this weekend}. I had a list of what I wanted and we tried not to dawdle too much but it was still exhausting and slightly overwhelming. There’s just so much stuff!

One of the main things I wanted to get were some boxes to store my DVDs in my TV media cabinet thing. Since my office-ish room has been on my mind lately {and I finally have a vision for the room} I also wanted to get some boxes for office supplies, craft supplies, etc to get a start on organizing all the random stuff I’ve been throwing in there.

I got lots of Kassett boxes. Enough to make my poor thumb numb from putting them together. {If you’re not familiar with these Ikea boxes… they are packaged flat –except for the lids– and you have to assemble them with little nuts and bolts. I like them because they come in lots of different sizes and they are reasonably priced.}

Part of my office-ish vision is revamping the closet space. I was determined to find a nice set of drawers to take up half of the closet space with room for Taylor’s crate in the other half and shelves above them both.

We found this awesome dresser at Ikea:

And I brought it home with me.

It’s a bit wider than I had originally planned so Taylor’s crate won’t fit in the closet but I was able to cram in his Costco dog bed to make a cozy little area for him.

The next challenge is assembling the dresser and the boxes… oh, and organizing all of that stuff into my new storage.


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