… or maybe “Toller-ance”?


Too cheesy? Sorry.

But really… what other pup would be tolerant enough to put up with this:

Oh Sunny… you’re such a good boy.

What other pup would tolerate it and let me take lots of pictures of him in its spandexy gloriousness?

I didn’t even try putting it on this guy:

Sorry buddy… don’t look at me like that! I didn’t do this to you.

I’m just here to document the evidence.

I think Taylor might have been getting jealous.

{The green thing is a spandexy thing to help keep Sunny’s wavy coat under control. He really didn’t mind it too much– once I stopped laughing at him anyway. He slept in it and the next morning his coat was nice and smooth for the Portland dog show. Taylor’s coat isn’t as crazy as Sunny’s so he didn’t need one.}