Forgotten Schedule

Some people have reoccurring dreams of being without clothes during class presentations or in the middle of large crowds.

I’ve never had one of those dreams… at least that I can recall.

My reoccurring dream-theme doesn’t involve lack of clothing in a class/crowd setting… instead I can’t even find the class at all. I can’t remember my schedule and/or where my class is held.

Sometimes I have to fight through crowds of students to peek into classrooms in the hopes I might recognize someone.

Other times I scramble to find a computer to look up my schedule and the classrooms.

Then I get lost in a maze of crazy old buildings with hallways that don’t make any sense. Like the shifting staircases in Harry Potter.

Sometimes I’m back in high school, other times college.

The frantic panic is always the same.

Most of the time I am able to look up my schedule and eventually find my class… but it still makes for a restless night. Thankfully I don’t have them too often.

I’ve been thinking about these dreams lately; what they mean and what they say about me.

I usually have them on Sunday nights or nights before I have something different in my schedule for the next day that I need to remember. In school I would also have them before exam days.

It’s pretty clear that they are triggered by my anxiety about being late or missing an important appointment/deadline… and I already know that I hate being late to things (but I also don’t like being too early).

The thing I dislike the most about these and some other dreams I’ve had is how the make me feel the next morning. Sometimes just exhaustion from not sleeping well and sometimes the things I felt in the dream carry over to when I’m awake. Not cool.

(Have you ever had a dream in which a friend made you angry or hurt your feelings– and the next day you’re still angry with them? Like that Friends episode when Phoebe isn’t talking to Ross because of something he did in her dream?? I miss that show… just about anything can be referenced back to Friends.)

Since I haven’t been sleeping well I think it’s time to start a new pre-bed routine: give myself time to relax and turn my mind off before I lay down for the night instead of constantly doing something right up until I close my eyes. I think it’s also time to find a good “sleepy time” tea or something similar.

So, my friends… any suggestions? Do you have any evening “rituals” that help you get the most rest out of each night? Or any teas I might add to my growing collection? Do you have any reoccurring dreams that you try to avoid (if possible)?