winter frozen land

Back in December we had a field day. It was cold. I went out with my colleague and a handful of other people from different organizations, etc to check out a possible route for rebuilding a road that was washed out along the Dosewallips River.

I took some GPS points… and of course pictures! Partly to document the washout and other areas at-risk, and partly just for my own enjoyment. (Ok, mostly for my own enjoyment, but it’s a bonus that they’re useful to the project, too.)

This is Case Creek. It has a sediment issue that causes the culvert under the road to get full of gravel and then ruins the road. We had to park our rig on one side and then take turns in the Jeep (with 4WD) to continue down to where we would be hiking the road route.

That isn’t flowing water… it was completely frozen. Well, not completely. We could hear water under the ice and could see it flowing through little “windows”.

This chunk of ice over a rock in the river makes me think of the bad guy from Pirates of the Caribbean…

Davey Jones! That’s it.

This is the washout site. It was pretty crazy. I was standing on a pile of rock debris. You can see one of guys ahead of me in the lower right-hand corner of the photo… it gives you a bit of an idea how high the exposed bluff is.

I wanted to take pictures of all of the different ice formations that we came across. That wasn’t the point of this little expedition so I had to pick and choose and then be speedy with my little camera.

I liked these icicles. It was starting to warm up so a lot of them were melting and falling off of the rock face.

On our way out we stopped so I could see the water falls. I don’t remember the name of the tributary they were on… but it connects to the Dosewallips.

The stream was covered in ice in some places. I loved it. :)

And then there were the falls. So lovely. So cold.

It looked like it had snowed at the base of the falls. All the spray had frozen and made little “drifts.”

Again I wish I had my DSLR with me… plus a few more hours to explore. And maybe better gloves.


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