KOW: Simple Daybed, Take II

I’ve begun to realize that having the KOW daybed at my parents’ house during construction isn’t quite as convenient as I had hoped.

Yes, it keeps the mess and tools out of my garage… but it also means I have to drive down there if I want to work on it. Ah well.

I puttied. I’m not sure if that’s a word.

I put painter’s putty stuff in the exposed nail holes and made an attempt to smooth out some of the cracks and weird spots that weren’t remedied with the sander.

I’ve never had instruction on how to putty so I winged it. My fingers were covered with it by the time I was finished and I’m pretty sure I had some on my face that no one told me about. Whatever. The holes are holes no more. Some of them are just slight indentations instead.

The putty had to set before I could sand and start the painting process.

I primed and primed. And primed some more. I just used some of the KILZ primer I had left from painting my living room and kitchen.

It’s starting to look like something more than just an unfinished wood shop project! (Thank goodness!)

Then I finally picked out a paint color… Olympic’s Chocolate Curl. (I went to Lowe’s after priming… so of course I was covered in primer. The check-out girl took one look at me and commented, “You’ve been busy!” I just nodded. I was tired.)

And oh my… it really looked like chocolate! I felt like I was painting with chocolate pudding.


It’s almost as though my daybed is carved from solid chocolate… but better.

Because this chocolate won’t melt.

Could you imagine that mess?!

Now the paint is setting… and I’m waiting for my dad to help me drill holes to put it all together! And then I get to (finally) bring it back to my house!

And I should probably buy a mattress or something… might make it a bit more comfortable…

KOW: Simple Daybed, Take I


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