H&S Delivery

I got my Harney & Sons order!

I love mail (excluding bills)… I love tea… I love trying new things… so I was/am super excited!


… my tea shelf is getting quite full. Ah well.

I got three loose teas this time; one I’ve tried before in the sachets and two are new to me.

Laura got me some sachets of the Bangkok blend last year and I loved it so I figured I should get some loose. Just smelling it makes me smile! It has subtle coconut and lemongrass flavors… so good!

Florence is a new one to me. My first thought when I gave it a good whiff is that it smelled just like flavored coffee! Probably because my parents always use hazelnut creamer in their coffee at home… and the Florence blend is black tea flavored with hazelnut and chocolate.

And finally Caribe. The notes on the H&S site said this was a staff favorite so I thought I would give it a try. It is a black and green tea blended with tropical flavors. It reminds me of Trident’s tropical splash gum in scent, but I haven’t tried it yet. It smells good and is definitely pretty… so I have high hopes for this one becoming a favorite of mine.

H&S also sent a single teabag of their Hot Cinnamon Spice tea… I’m not a huge fan of cloves in tea but it was still a neat surprise in the box! I’ll probably just save it until someone who might enjoy it comes and visits. :)


2 responses to “H&S Delivery

  1. I admit I’ve only ever had herbal tea (bleh!), so I’m no expert. But I’m going to have to stick with hot cocoa. I just don’t see how any drink could beat a good hot mug of cocoa.

    • Hot cocoa is wonderful… my favorite lately is Abuelita’s– it’s a Mexican hot cocoa. Very yummy. But I love my tea!! Part of what I like about tea is that I can drink a lot without thinking about how much milk and sugar I’m ingesting– too much milk + sugar makes my stomach mad at me. It’s no good.

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