KOW: Simple Daybed, Take III

IT’S FINISHED! {Insert happy dance!}

For the most part, anyway.

My dad helped me drill pilot holes for the bolts and helped me put in some dowel pins while the daybed was still in my parents’ garage.

In case you’re like me and you don’t know what dowel pins are, this is what they look like:

Again, if you’re like me, you’ve seen many of them before but never knew they had a name other than “wooden peg thing Ikea uses.”

Now you know. It’s a dowel pin. They’re handy little guys. They add a bit more strength and support to the furniture and they also hold the pieces together while you put in the bolts.

My mom helped me haul the pieces to my house and assemble it in my office-ish room.

A few things I learned:

— Paint chips, especially when it is still soft and not completely “set”. The paint got scuffed up a bit when I loaded it into the Suburban, but it will be easily fixed… eventually.

— Making sure the pieces are square can be frustrating when they don’t adjust as easily on carpet as they did on concrete.

— When heavy pieces of furniture fall into walls… they leave dents/holes. {Oops.}

— Glue is important. Lots of glue.

— Hindsight is still 20/20.

The only real issue we had putting it together was that the topper piece on the back rail came off. I was not pleased.

We went ahead and bolted the rest together and then I came back and glued the top piece back on. However, I failed to see that the rail was not flush with the post so when I put the topper back on there was a significant gap.

I’m really trying to not let it bother me.

It’s difficult.

I picked up a twin mattress at Costco, a bunk board at It’s Bedtime, some new sheets that were on sale at Macy’s…

And now I have a chocolatey yummy daybed just waiting for my first guest!

The clamp is still on in this pic because I was waiting for the glue to set.

You can see a few of the chipped places…

Until then I’ll be watching lots of Netflix Instant Play on my computer from a much more comfortable position… and taking pictures of Taylor. But that’s nothing new.

If you’re wondering… the lumber for the daybed cost about $100 from Lowe’s (I had a whole 2×2 and a 1×3 left over and a few other pieces that will be put towards future projects); the paint was Olympic’s Chocolate Curl and I got a gallon for about $20 (the rest is also going towards future projects); most of the hardware I already had except for the bolts (6 at 59 cents each) and the dowel pins (18 for less than $2 and I think we used 12).

My daybed isn’t perfect… but for my first project I think it’s pretty darn good. Thanks to Ana from Knock Off Wood for providing such great instructions!! I can’t wait to try out more of her plans! The hardest part will be picking which one to do next…

Finishing the daybed was one of the largest steps towards making my office-ish room what I envision it to be. The next big thing will be getting all of the extra stuff dealt with, painting my existing furniture pieces to match the daybed, and finding a lovely fabric to cover the extra pillows from my couches (you can see a couple of the pillows in the pictures above of Taylor). It’s getting there!!

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    • Thanks! I love the color… it’s so chocolatey that it ALMOST satisfies my chocolate cravings!

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