windy miracles

I’m still slightly in shock over a situation that could have been oh-so-much worse.

It’s really windy today in Kitsap County. We lost power at the office around 2:00pm this afternoon. My work is primarily on the computer which means no power = no work. I had a lot to do, but with no way to do it I left early and headed home.

The roads looked like a war zone between Ents. Limbs down everywhere, trees leaning on power lines. Craziness.

I made it home without incident…

… only to see that the tent that used to cover Taylor’s dog kennel had taken up residence against my neighbor’s shed, legs bent at odd angles into the sky, and the kennel was leaning over on one of the bottom bars and the opposite bar was resting on the up-ended dog house.

I couldn’t see Taylor.

My gut dropped. Time seemed to stop as all of the worse-case scenarios sped through my mind.

What if he ran off, scared, and into the busy main roads or the freeway? What if he was hurt by the kennel, or even stuck?

As I got out of the car I heard a familiar whine and turned to see Taylor waiting for me, safely in the fenced area around my house with the gate securely closed, and my lady neighbor came rushing out of her house to greet me.

I didn’t care about the kennel or the tent so I was able to greet her with a genuine smile– Taylor was ok.

She told me that she looked outside and saw the tent and kennel about 20 minutes before I came home. She went out to look around and found Taylor sitting on my front step with the gate open, just waiting. Thank goodness I did something right with the little training he’s had!

My lady neighbor and my fishing neighbor on my other side helped me take down the tent so it won’t blow around anymore. I have amazing neighbors. They are actually neighbors and not just people who happen to have houses near mine. I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for that.


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    • Haha me TOO!! I was so proud of my little guy… and super relieved! I’m still blown away by how smart he is sometimes. :)

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