Garden Dreams

My yard areas are mostly grass. Lots of grass.

That I have get to mow.

On the up-side… it’s a great work-out and I feel super accomplished once it’s finished.

The down-side… it’s a lot of grass and it grows so fast that my sense of accomplishment is quickly over shadowed by the realization that I’ll need to do it again in a matter of days.

This is the layout of my 1/2 acre piece of home… sorry there’s no legend:

The buildings behind the house are my well-house and a rickety shed that needs to go bye-bye. The yellow line is my old, rotten, dangerous split-rail cedar fence that also needs to go bye-bye. (See this post for a picture of the house from the driveway. Apparently I need to get better pics of the outside.)

I have no actually garden areas. The closest thing is the “Lil’ Hill” that goes down from Yard 2 into Yard 3. There are a few little shrubs and some old beauty bark, but that’s it.

I have a lot of “someday” ideas for the property. A cutting garden over in Yard 2… a Secret-Garden-esque sitting area down in Yard 3, herbs and veggies in Yard 1 (somehow secured against pups and bunnies), something pretty to partially block my neighbor’s house in Yard 1 (his windows look right into my living room and kitchen)… and possibly a “whelping shed” in the upper part of Yard 1 for when we eventually have puppies. But where to start?!

I love the idea of having (mostly) native plants.

The Washington Native Plant Society has a great website with lists of flowers for different conditions and habitats plus resources on how to landscape using native plants. AND they have native plant sales!

I don’t think I’ll have gardens prepped and ready for new plants this year… I wish I could but I just don’t see it happening. (It’s already April! Yikes!)

I think my top priority this spring/summer is replacing my cedar rail fence. Don’t get me wrong– I like the look of the rustic cedar. It’s is just too dangerous and not as secure as I would like. I have friends and family with little ones now and I’d like a safe, secure place for them to romp when they visit. I’m not 100% sure what I want to do yet, but I’ll be sharing some of my ideas soon. :)