No, not the kind with long pointy swords.

This kind of fencing:

Or maybe something more solid like this one:

But I also like the design on top in this one:

And how they rounded the tips of the pickets in this one:

(all of the above photos were found at Production Fenceworks)

So many ideas! So many choices! How in the world am I supposed to figure out what to do?

Well… starting in a photo editing program is a good place. :)

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

I’m thinking 3 to 4 feet high in front of my house and on the sides, then about 6 feet high behind the house with smaller gaps (or none at all) between the picket boards. Maybe something like the third photo, but with alternating boards.

(I am itching for another project to do so I can’t stop thinking about fence/yard/garden stuff.)

What do you think of my maybe-fence??


2 responses to “Fencing

  1. I like the 3rd picture best. As much as I like the detail of the curved tops on the last picture, they don’t exude that strong structure I like to see in fence. I love the detail in the top of the 3rd picture. Would you want the slats that close together through the bottom though? Or do you want them more spaced out?

    Also, where you want “something neat” – I think some colored glass (possibly mosaic) would be spiffy.

    • Oooo now my head is swimming with ways to incorporate stained/colored glass… maybe beach glass?

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