never enough

One of my dear friends from high school performed in a dance “recital” of sorts… her first time performing since high school! Myself and a few of our friends decided to go to the performance to support Sara and used it as an excuse to spend some time together.

Laura, Jessica and I caught a ferry together and were picked up in Seattle by John McC. We went to Machiavelli’s and had a delicious Italian dinner (best crab ravioli ever), stopped by Stumptown for some coffee (tea for me), and then headed up to the performance hall.

We got there and realized that we had all thought of getting flowers for Sara… but no one had actually done it. So we went on a mission.

Us three ladies walked down to the grocery store to find some flowers that were worthy of Sara. None of the prearranged bouquets appealed to us… so we made our own. We picked out three or four bunches  and then Laura took over the florist’s station to put them together. She looked like such a pro that some random guy thought that she was the florist. I think he was offended when we told him that she didn’t work there. (I think Laura has found a new calling… ;) ) We made it back to the performance hall just in time and with a beautiful bouquet. I should have taken pictures of it… ah well.

The show was great– there were 11 or so different dances of all different styles, from ballet to hip hop, jazz and modern. It was a lot of fun to see the different styles and skill levels all out there.

One of my favorites was the tap dancers… not so much for the dancing but more because of the 60-ish year old lady in the performance. You could just tell that she was out there having a ball, even if she missed a step or was off beat. It didn’t matter that she was the oldest by 40 years. She was enjoying life, doing what she enjoyed with a huge grin on her face.

And of course I loved Sara’s piece… I was so nervous for her before it began! Not that I had reason to be. She was amazing! The choreography reminded me of the Cell Block Tango from Chicago.

After the show we went over to Sara and Kyle’s place to chat and hang out. I could have easily stayed there much longer than we did just to catch up– except we were all fighting to keep our eyes open and we had to catch the 1245am ferry. If we missed it we’d have to wait until 215am… yuck. (We were close– we had to run up to the terminal, but then the ferry turned out to be late.)

No matter how much time I spend with my friends I feel like it is never enough. <3