curtain rod FAIL

Let’s start with the curtain-rod-WIN: I stopped by JoAnn Fabrics the other day to check out the current sales, etc. (Their home decor fabrics were 50% off– I needed to take advantage!) I didn’t see anything I had to have… and then I found curtain rods with finials marked down at 70% off.


I ended up buying three 28-48″ rods hoping that I’d be able to combine two of them for the longer window in my master bedroom. I spent less than $40 and saved $77. Major WIN for the wallet.

As usual, it took me much longer than it should have to install the first rod.

16 holes (10 more than needed), one broken drill bit and a broken screw later… ONE of the rods is finally installed. Ugh… installation FAIL.

I used 3 rod pieces fully extended for the larger window. I’d like to use 4 (two complete sets) but the rods have one end closed so I can’t do that. I had to install a middle support piece, but since the rods are extended to the max they still sag between supports and I’m afraid that they’re going to come apart. (The middle rod slips into the two end rods.)

My current plan is to buy a dowel long enough to fit through all three rod pieces. That way the dowel will be the real support for my curtains and the curtain rods will just be the pretty covering.

I haven’t even attempted to install the curtain rod for my smaller window.

I was discouraged and bitter that I broke a drill bit installing the first one. I had some words with the wall and was determined to not let it win. After I finally got it (mostly) secure I was spent.


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