talk it up and find something new

I like trying new things but often times I just don’t know what to ask for or where to start. So I take suggestions from those that (hopefully) know better–the people working at whatever establishment I am in.

So far I’ve had pretty good luck.

Recently I was at my favorite coffee place in Silverdale (Austin Chase, the same place I had the great customer service a few months back) and I began chatting with my usual barista (wish I knew his name… sorry!). Not only did he recommend an awesome beverage (a “dirty chai,” which is just chai with a shot of espresso) but he also informed me about a new video game that is all-the-craze now, Red Dead Redemption. Apparently it is a Western-themed game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto.

After his description it sounds to me like a bit of Grand Theft Auto plus a lot of The Oregon Trail on steroids. You can hi-jack horses and skin varmints. I don’t have a 360 or a PS3 so I can’t experience it for myself… but it sounded interesting even to a low-level gamer like myself. (I’m one small step above a non-gamer, like a teeny tiny baby step above. Barely worth mentioning. More of a trip than a step, really.)

Anywho, what I’m getting at… talk to the people who know their business and you might just find out about something awesome that you’ve been missing out on, be it a drink you’ve never even heard of or a new way to spend lots of your time (and, inevitably, your money).

(And if you happen to stop by AC, I’d also recommend their iced tea– yummy, even without any sweetener! Perfect for those warmish summer days we hopefully have heading our way!)


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  1. Ricky plays/owns red dead redemption… it is pretty interesting. It has some questionable language and themes at times, but entertaining all the same. I have not played it, but you do get to steal horses and ride on carriages. Also, if you hit a certain level I have been told you can ride a Zebra/Horse!

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