Louie says “POW!”

Louie Attack!

For your Monday morning I thought I’d share this photo… I can’t help but laugh when I look at it. Louie was attacking poor Taylor left and right. This photo pretty much sums up their relationship so far.

I think it’s Louie’s Chuck Norris alter-ego coming out.


2 responses to “Louie says “POW!”

  1. First, I think I love that you name your cat Louie… it fits! Second, I think Taylor loves him too, just is being a man about it and not showing much emotion :-) haha,

    • Haha I think Taylor loves him, too. Every now and then he lets his guard slip when he thinks I’m not watching and I’ll see him be all goofy with Louie. I think that the kitty is good for him– he’ll let Louie mess with his tail without batting an eye where before he would jump whenever something touched him back there.

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