The Guild

Have I mentioned my love of Netflix? I am sure I have.

My “discovery” of The Guild just reaffirms my love of Netflix. It came up as one of the “Suggestions You Might Like” based on my interest in Arrested Development, The Office, and something else AND all three seasons were available on Instant Play… so I decided to give it a shot.

Oh my goodness. I am so glad I did. I had literal Laugh Out Loud moments. And I already want to watch them again for some of the amazing quotes. I can’t remember them verbatim right now (I’m terrible with quotes) and they are too genius for me to try and then butcher.

The Guild is a web series about gamers.

(The above image is of the characters’ avatars, but the show is live-action. So don’t be surprised if you’re expecting a cartoon when you watch it.)

Being a web series means that you don’t even need Netflix to watch it! (Netflix just combines all of the episodes  so you don’t have to start each one individually.) There are even bonus episodes and outtakes on the website.

I have a friend that used to be a part of a guild that had set times for playing and attacking different bosses and completing tasks… and we would always give him a bad time for it. I have never played that type of game before but I could relate to some of the circumstances through my friend, which is why it was so funny to me at first.

And then I got sucked in.

And I stayed up until midnight so I could finish watching the third season. (Who needs sleep on a work-night anyway?)

And then I went to the website to make sure that there’s a fourth season coming out (which there is).

Now I just have to wait.

But I’ll spend my waiting time watching the first three seasons again and perfecting my knowledge of the awesome quotes.

You should too. Then we can quote together and have inside jokes and bond and stuff. And I won’t feel quite as crazy when I start laughing when I think about it and then try to explain it, but no one gets it. (Which already happens to me with AD and The Office.)

Check it out: WatchTheGuild.

(Just so you know, there is some language. I think that it is bleeped out online but the Netflix version doesn’t.)


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    • Ooo I’ll have to check it out! I’ll add it to my “to-watch list” (which is much more important than my to-do list).

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