things that make me smile, vol. 1

Every now and then I get a bit stressed and forget about the good things in my life amidst all the craziness. Life keeps speeding up and I have to remind myself to pause, breathe, and appreciate all the small things. I am easily amused/entertained and I like the little things in life in general, but sometimes even I need a reminder.

Enter my first “things that make me smile” post. Many bloggers out there do various forms of “things I like,”  “things I’m using,” “things I’m thankful for” or whatever. This type of post will be a combination of those for whenever I need a reminder, a change of mental direction, and/or whenever I want to share miscellaneous things with you.

Without further ado…

Things That Make Me Smile, Vol. 1

Costco Peonies

1. Peonies. Love them. I picked some up from Costco the other day and they give me an instant positive boost whenever I glance at them. I think I want to try to grow some in my someday-garden(s) so I can have them in my house more often. They’re so frilly, soft, and just lovely.

Sleepy Louie

2. My itty bitty kitty, Louie… as in King Louie, from The Jungle Book (because orangutans are red!). I call him Louie-Louie sometimes and immediately want to break out into song… if only I knew all the words. First he was frustrating because all he did was cry. Now he’s just a little ball of adorable kitten fluff that likes to stalk Taylor and sleep on my fleece blanket. (He’s much happier now that he’s on kitten milk replacement formula goodness.)


3. Tay-boy. Of course. He’s been so good with the kitten and tolerates it when Louie latches onto his tail. He also likes the kitten formula and kitten food (when I’m not looking).

(Oh! And he got another point at the last show we went to down in Elma! Woohoo 2 down only 13 to go! Ha.)

A+D -4-

4. Weddings. I have a handful of friends getting married over the next 6 months and I am super excited to attend/be a part of/take pictures at/for them all! (Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to every wedding this year… but I’ll be there in spirit!) I am so grateful that so many of my friends have found such great partners. I could go on in mushy detail… but I’ll spare you. (The above photo is from Ashley & Davin’s wedding last summer.)

5. Freaks and Geeks. I watched the series through Netflix a few years ago and decided to watch it again. It has a lot of well-known actors in it and is just generally awesome and hilarious. The geeks are my favorite.


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