ok, so maybe I’m a hermit

But I have reasons.

Not really good reasons, I’ll give you that. Actually, I’d hardly even call them reasons.

More like, “I left my house for this?! I should have just stayed home.”

And alright… there’s only two instances that really fall into this category.

The first was about a month ago at Good Will.

When I shop by myself I get to be pretty oblivious to the world around me. I wander around, reconsidering every purchase, and take my own sweet time to finally decide what to buy.

This particular trip to GW was pretty exciting because I hadn’t been in ages and it was to the new store in Silverdale, so I had a lot to look at and had tons of re-vamping ideas for the different treasures I had found. I kind of noticed someone looking at me at one point out of the corner of my eye but thought nothing of it. I noticed him again later, but again didn’t think much of it (except that it was odd that he didn’t have anything picked up to buy).

As I was looking at a selection of serving trays and dishes, trying to decide how many I would let myself buy, this guy approached me with a glass jar in his hand, asking me if I knew where to buy the replacement rubber ring thing that goes on the lid to seal it. I like to help people so I really thought long and hard about it, said something about Linens N Things would be a good place, but obviously not anymore (the GW used to be LNT). I was thinking that his wife had sent him out to find them and that he was at a loss as to where to look.

As I was thinking about other places he could try, he abruptly changed the subject with “Actually, I’ve been following you around for twenty minutes and was wondering if you’d like to go for a cup of coffee.”

I felt bad for the guy, but had to say no. Stalking tendencies before a relationship even starts can’t be a good indication of what would come. Plus, he looked like he was older than my father.

The second incident was at a local natural pet store, Naturally 4 Paws. I stopped in to see if they had kitten milk replacement for Louie (they didn’t) a few weeks ago.

Again, creepy guy looking at me and me not thinking much of it.

I know the dog training instructor there and she was just finishing a class so I stopped to chat with her and she asked her class if they knew how to make kitten milk replacement. As one of the students (the handler, not the dog) looked up a recipe on his iPhone for me, the creepy-dude got super close (I actually backed away a bit) and said that he liked my necklace.

Well, that’s nice. Except I was wearing my coat and you could hardly see it–it’s not big or flashy, just a simple cross. Which means he had to have  been looking really intently to see my necklace at all.

I avoiding eye contact and stayed close to iPhone-guy until I could dash out of the store to the safety of my car.

On one hand these incidences make me optimistic that hey!, I might actually meet someone if I leave my house more often by myself! (Because I am so intimidating when I’m with others… or the chances of someone thinking I’m 12 are greatly increased when I with my folks.)

On the other hand… well, I just don’t like being creeped out.


2 responses to “ok, so maybe I’m a hermit

  1. Ewww! Sounds totally creepy! I totally get the temptation to stay home. We’re safe here right? I feel like the more I get into the habit of not leaving my house, the more anxiety I have when I DO go out. I say keep at it. The library should be a nice safe trip right? Start doing that once a week…surely the creeps don’t go there. :)

    • I like the library idea… plus, that way if someone REALLY creepy comes along I can just talk above a 12-inch-voice and the librarian will come to my rescue. Or I’ll just get a bunch of glares from all of the other people trying to avoid social interactions. (I swear I’m really not that anti-social… just anti-creepiness!)

      And thanks for stopping by my lil’ blog! :)

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