Writer’s Workshop: The Love List

Look at me… finally participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop after however long of reading/lurking! Woo hoo!

Mama's Losin' It

I have a few friends and friends of my mom that either meet cute my-age-ish boys/men and think I should date them… or are on a mission to find a my-age-ish boy/man for me to date/fall madly in love with/go to weddings with/take to gatherings so I’m not the only single one there, etc.

So this week’s prompt… er… prompted me to finally think of some criteria for my friends, friends of friends, mom’s friends, etc to base their recommendations/searches on.

The Love List: 50 25 Things I Look For in a Man

1. Human. No werewolves or vampires for me, please. I like my guys warm-blooded and mortal, thank-you-very-much.

2. My-Age-Ish. No one that could be my father… and they have to be legal, at least 21. I don’t want to stay out of the bar because my date can’t get in. Because, you know, I go to the bars so often… ha.

3. Non-Smokers. They’re not immortal (see #1). Plus, it’s stinky and makes my hair smell awful.

4. Have Christian-based faith.

5. Open-minded.

6. Non-Judgmental.

7. Makes me laugh.

8. Animal-lover. Taylor isn’t going anywhere… so they can’t be allergic. Oh, and Louie, too!

9. Appreciation of nerdiness. At least, an appreciation for my nerdy tendencies… and hopefully they have their own. (I’m a strong believer that everyone should be a “nerd” in some way or another.)

10. Height. My height or taller… I’m only 5′ 4.5″ so that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

11. Patience.

12. Love of Kids. I want kids. They should, too. Plus, many of my friends have kids now and I enjoy being around them… and if they want to be around me, they should enjoy it, too. (Or at least be really good at pretending.)

13. Not too crude. There’s a time and a place for everything.

14. Hygiene. Very important. Showers are a good thing… although having the flexibility to be out in the wilderness without a shower for 8 days is also a good quality. (When everyone stinks… it’s ok. When you’re the only one– not so much.)

15. Warm smile + eyes. I’m a sucker for a great smile that reaches the eyes. If he never smiles at all… might be an issue.

16. Strong hands.

17. Good family values. My family is quite large… and still growing. Each and every one of them is very important to me. The dude needs to be respectful of that.

18. Non-tree-hater. Not necessarily a “tree-hugger” but I do work in natural resources… I don’t think I’d get along with someone out to destroy the planet.

19. No baby-mama-drama. I don’t really have much of an issue of the dude having kids already, but I’d like to do without crazy baby-mamas.

20. Put-together… or trying to get there. I would like the dude to be at a similar place in their life as I am… that’s quite cliche, but I think it’s important. I own my house (technically the bank does– but you know), car, have a good job… someone still living in their parents’ basement watching cartoons all day with no desire to do anything more wouldn’t really work out.

21. Down-to-Earth.

22. Awesome.

23. Someone you’d want to hang out with. This especially goes to my own friends: if you set me up with someone that you don’t like and for some reason we hit it off… you’re going to be stuck with them, because you’re stuck with me. (Really, though, if you can’t stand them I probably won’t either.)

24. MFEO. Sleepless in Seattle? Anyone?? Love that movie.

25. 50/50. Give and take. I’ve heard it’s a really important concept in a relationship. Which is why I’m stopping at 50% of the 50 Things I Look For in a Man.

Thinking of and writing 50 different things is hard enough… reading them would probably be even harder. So… you’re welcome.


12 responses to “Writer’s Workshop: The Love List

  1. Stopping by from Mama Kat’s…

    I did the same prompt and I don’t think I came up with 50 either! I like yours, not to demanding, but it sounds like you know what you want! :)

  2. Love your response. What a coincidence, my favorite “chick flick” is Sleepless in Seattle, and it was exactly 17 years ago today that my husband and I went out on our first date. It was a double date with a couple of my high school friends (I was then 16), my husband didn’t know them, and couldn’t stand my then BFF. The movie we saw totally sucked, and since he didn’t like my friends I didn’t think we’d have date #2. But, being the cutie that I was (lol), he asked me out again, and the very next week we went to see Sleepless in Seattle. That was it, we were in love – that night he held my hand for the first time, and we both new the other was “the one”.

    Thanks for sharing, and for bringing back very happy memories. Peace. ;)

    • I couldn’t help thinking “awwww!” as I read your comment… and that it happened to be the “anniversary” of your first date! Sleepless in Seattle is one of my favorite chick-flicks, too–I found it at Costco a couple of months ago for $8 and was sooo excited to finally own a copy! I watch it too often now. :)

  3. Made for each other! Which by the way, I think you and I are – as blog friends, of course – because we both quoted Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movies in our love list posts! :)

    • YES!! Who would have thought of the many Writer’s Workshop links we would have clicked on eachother’s to find Meg/Tom movie quotes?? Most definitely MFEO blog-friends. Love it! (And I’m so glad someone knew what that meant!)

    • I should have called this my LOBSTER list instead!! Why didn’t I think of that before??

    • Aw thanks! It’s good to hear from those that are happy they waited… instead of the ones saying “hurry up already!”

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