if you liked it

Griffin liked it… and he put a ring on it.

So all us single ladies went out to celebrate with Jordan before she gets her MRS degree.

(Am I the only one that now has that song stuck in my head?)

Some highlights, in bullets:

— We decided to all wear black tops (at least) and Kelly got us all awesome pearl necklaces so that it would be clear that we were all with the bride… in a classy way. Love those pearls. AND glowsticks! Kelly got them on sale… and they were pretty much the best thing ever. They made it much easier to keep track of where we all were throughout the evening.

Classy Ladies in PearlsMe, Jo, Erin

Classy Ladies in PearlsKelly (MOH), Linnea, Jordan (Bride)

— We ate lots of sushi. Our friend Ashley was with us at dinner but wasn’t able to come dancing that evening… so she isn’t pictured above. She was with us in spirit, though! (And we missed her!)

— We got in FREE to the first bar (the Last Supper Club or something) we went to… we weren’t feelin’ it so we left shortly after arriving. Then we made our way to Tiki Bob’s (after asking a security dude for suggestions) and got in FREE again because Jo had told them we were just at the LSC. Awesome.

— We danced. A lot. I was sore the next couple of days because of it. (May also be due to sleeping on an air mattress and extreme exhaustion… oh, and a sunburn.)

Ladies' Night Out

— Dancing = grossness… but black and white pictures make it less obvious.

— We met a lot of other brides + bachelorette parties AND a lot of grooms + bachelor parties. (I decided that the guys need some equivalent of the bride’s veil to wear out. One guy was wearing a navy captain jacket of some sort that was neat… but the others were just plain.)

Ladies' Night Out

— We got back to the apartment around 3:00am… and then crashed almost immediately (some much quicker than others).

— The next morning/later that morning, Kelly and Erin went out and got us Starbucks and donuts from this place called Frost. OMG. Soooo yummy! I had a raised donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. (Side note: I used to never have donuts with sprinkles… now I’m slightly obsessed.)

— I am even more excited now for Jordan and Griffin’s wedding day… and the day before the wedding, too! I can’t wait to spend more time with these wonderful ladies and celebrating J+G!

Ladies' Night Out


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