at what point…

At what point should I be concerned that I might be clinically insane?

Not literally… but by the time this summer is over I just might be. Or at least closer to it.

I knew that July was going to be crazy-busy but I guess I didn’t realize just HOW busy I was going to be until I tried to figure out when I’d be able to go check out my friend’s church.

The ONLY free Sunday I have in July isn’t until the 25th… the LAST Sunday of the month.

And it’s not just because I have a hair appointment or brunch in town–I’m either out of the county, out of the state, or out of the country… so going to church in Bremerton is far from being an option on the table.

I’m coming up on the “sprint” portion of the month… where I just need to buckle down, get through it all in one piece, and then hopefully not crash too badly at the finish line.

The “warm-up” was last weekend with a dog show.

The first “leg” of the race includes festivities and preparations for Jordan and Griffin’s wedding. I’ll be going over to Bothell Thursday after work; Friday is a spa day (SO excited!), rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner; then Saturday is the wedding day, starting at 9am with hair appointments and then the wedding at 7pm.

The second “leg” is the ESRI Users’ Conference. After sleeping for a few hours after the wedding, I’ll leave Bothell for the airport on Sunday… then spend the week in San Diego going to workshops, paper presentations, and exploring the city as much as I can on foot… and fly back to Seattle on Friday.

Finally, the home stretch… I’ll drive to my parents’ after landing in Seattle on Friday, only to turn around and drive up to Canada with my mom for a dog show on Saturday and Sunday.

I just hope I’m not too beat for work that Monday.

(Anyone else ready for a nap after reading that through??)


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