in love with someone you can’t have

It is often amusing to see what people searched for that ended up with them visiting my lil’ corner of the World Wide Web.

Most of the searches contain some variation of my name… my favorite was “sarah b– model portland.” I wish!

I love Portland. ;) Mostly Powell’s City of Books… oh my I could spend days in there! (Road trip, anyone??)

There are also a lot of variations of searches about dogs, the dog club I’m a member of, dog shows, etc. I don’t think I write about the club or shows a ton… maybe it’s just a really popular search in general?

Then there are the random ones: “zach morris cell phone color,” and they probably found my x-mas sign turned apron-holder thing; “putaansuu pronounced,” and they got to read about one of my days in the field; “bipped”… what?! I’m afraid to search for this myself…

The most interesting search so far has been the phrase “in love with someone you can’t have.” It made me sad as I thought about why the person was searching with that phrase. Were they trying to find answers? Support? Trying to find a way to move on?

I’m not sure why my lil’ blog came up as a result of that search… maybe there was something here they were meant to read.

I hope they found what they were looking for… either here or somewhere else.