Writer’s Workshop: Photos Yet to be Hung

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Photographs can turn a house into a home. Share a photograph that is not on your wall, but should be… if you weren’t so lazy about actually putting it there.

I’ve been in my house for almost a year now… I closed August 27 of last year.

Seriously, where has the time gone?!

One of the biggest “struggles” I’ve had is overcoming the urge to get everything done now. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in one place for more than a year so it is difficult to get over the “hurry up” tendencies I am used to for making a space my own.

I am making myself be OK with having a long, and ever-growing, “someday list.” It’s tough.

Like… “someday” I want raised vegetable beds. “Someday” I want peonies growing along my “someday” (hopefully this summer) fence. “Someday” I want to replace my deck… somehow. Maybe with a stamped concrete patio. “Someday” I want to have a bedroom that isn’t a storage room, and office/guest room that doesn’t have a single box of miscellaneous stuff that I have yet to find a place for, a kitchen with enough light that I can see what I’m doing…

… and “someday” I’d like to actually have some of my own photos on my walls, and not ones that I’ve just printed from my computer on regular paper because I’m too lazy to actually order real prints.

Honestly, part of the problem is that I just have too many great photos and not enough wall space to display them all.

Maybe I should have prints for different seasons and rotate them out. That’s a thought… hm.

Right now I’m thinking about creating some “art” with this photo for my bathroom, paired with two others I have yet to decide on:

Baja Fauna -5-

Maybe this one?

Baja Sails

Or this one?

Baja Kayaks -1-

Looking at these makes me want to go back to Loreto. I would go today if I could…

This photo is also one of my favorites. I printed it from my computer, but it’s just not the same as a real print.

Larabee Sunset with Friends

I think that it’s time I make “getting pics on walls” a priority. Nearly a year is long enough to have naked walls.


4 responses to “Writer’s Workshop: Photos Yet to be Hung

  1. Managing photographs is an uphill battle. I have so many pictures on the computer that just get forgotten. One of these days…. Your pics are lovely – they will look fantastic framed!

    • Ooh. We have lived in our house for almost a year too (on the 20th of this month!) and my walls are embarrasingly naked. Your list of somedays resembles mine. On one of my weeks off this year, I plan to spend some time making the house look more like a home and less like a jumbled mess with naked walls..

      Stopped in from Mama Kat’s.

      • Woohoo congrats on almost a year in your home! I’m glad I’m not the only one with naked walls… I feel like it is a momentous occasion whenever I finally get something up. And then it’s months before something else gets put up. Isn’t it funny how we have to plan time to make our homes feel… well, homey? (Thanks for stopping by!)

    • Haha I think that “uphill battle” is an understatement! It’s one of those things that we all know it is a good and important thing to do… but really, who has the time? (Or energy??) I can wait to get some of them on my walls!

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