Zonked Louie

While I was celebrating  Miles’ birthday and then with the ladies for Jordan’s bachelorette, my critters were romping and frolicking with their critter “cousins” and “siblings” at my parents’ house.

They love it there. Taylor gets to run with his brother, Sunny, and the Aussie girls. Louie gets to wrestle with Noah, my sister’s newest kitty, who is the closest to Louie’s size (but probably still twice as heavy) and torment Moses, Sister’s older kitty.

When we finally got back to my house on Sunday after my various festivities, both my critters zonked out. Taylor barely made it in the door before falling asleep on the tile entry and Louie jumped up onto the pillow I threw on the couch as I walked in the door, falling asleep almost immediately.

Even they were glad to be in their own home again after a weekend of fun and excitement.

Zonked Louie

Makes me wonder how they’ll be after over a week away from home after my crazy crammed schedule! Probably just as glad as I will be to sleep in my own bed again…