Iron Man: Two Down, One to Go

Kelly’s sister, Jamie, dubbed my crazy schedule the Iron Man… I thought it fit.

Today I am completing the second leg of my Iron Man: the ESRI International Users’ Conference.

I forgot my camera cords at home so I haven’t been able to upload any photos from Jordan and Griffin’s wedding or from my time in San Diego… so you have something to look forward to! Lots of pictures! Hopefully I’ll be able to get to them next week… but we’ll see.

I might be sleeping instead. (In my own bed! Can’t wait!)

This afternoon I am flying to Seattle and then driving up to Canada for the dog shows this weekend… the third and final leg of my Iron Man!!

And because I miss him… a pic of Taylor:

Toller Walk 2010 -3-

I’m hoping to explore Balboa Park a bit before I have to head to the airport… kinda excited.