Da Feet

I’m not sure when it started, or even exactly how… I think it had something to do with John McC wanting me to take pictures of his feet, or getting a hold of my camera and doing it himself.

I can vividly remember multiple pictures of his blurry white socks as he bounced on my family’s trampoline.

John’s slight obsession eventually morphed into taking group feet photos… everyone would put a foot in hokey-pokey style. It became a tradition among our friends.

Classic Feet PicOr at least a tradition John and I forced on the people around us that left them wondering why they were friends with such weird people that like to take feet pictures and visit cemeteries.


However it began, I am glad it did. I love looking back at the “classic” foot pictures and recreating them whenever we get together as well as with friends I’ve made since high school.

I also started taking pictures of my feet whenever I went places… like a modern “I WAS HERE,” minus the destruction of public property, plus an “I WISH YOU WERE HERE” and “I’M THINKING OF YOU” thrown in for good measure.

They’re like a self-portrait without the awkwardness of odd angles, arm stretching, and neck craning.

Stehekin Boots

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.

Bahamas Feet


Japanese Friendship Garden

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. (Elisabeth Foley)

It’s a reminder that our paths all started in the same place and they will cross again, hopefully many times if I have any say in it!


2 responses to “Da Feet

  1. That’s way cute. I love foot pictures. Or, really, shoe pictures. I think pictures of just feet would be slightly less cool. Shoes just tell a lot about the person.

    • Yeah, I definitely agree… “shoe pictures” is more accurate than “feet pictures”! I’m not sure I would want a series of people’s naked feet… unless they were freshly pedicured or something. I want to find some of the older pics… it would be interesting to see the change in shoes over the years!

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