Japanese Friendship Garden

I decided to take a trip up to Balboa Park before my flight out of San Diego. I checked the park map and was immediately overwhelmed and had no clue as to where I should start… the park is HUGE and I only had about an hour and a half to explore before I had to be back to my hotel, check out, and head to the airport.

Then my eye landed on the Japanese Friendship Garden and I knew that had to be my first destination.

I got to the park a few minutes before the garden opened so I snapped a few pictures of the neighboring Organ Pavilion (complete with organ music playing–loved it) before heading into the garden.

Opera Pavilion

Then, finally, the Japanese Friendship Garden…

Japanese Friendship GardenJapanese Friendship Garden

I loved the koi pond! I could have spent hours sitting by the water, watching the fish. (Wish I had a polarizing filter for my 50mm, but oh well.)

Japanese Friendship GardenJapanese Friendship GardenJapanese Friendship GardenJapanese Friendship GardenJapanese Friendship Garden


2 responses to “Japanese Friendship Garden

  1. Beautiful photos! The garden looks like a very peaceful place, so you probably made the right choice in going there before heading to a busy airport, hehe! :)

    • Haha I think so, too! I just wish I had had more time to spend there… it was nearly impossible for me to NOT relax while I was there! I had to remind myself that I couldn’t get sucked in– I still had a plane to catch (AND a taxi to find)!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

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