shred or recycle?

My office is in that much-worse-before-it-gets-better stage.

There’s piles of odds and ends with no place to go, things to get rid of…

And I have two plastic tub things I’ve been using for my recycle and shredding.

Shredding Louie

Louie decided to help me along with the shred tub…

Shredding Louie

… which is super nice of him since I don’t actually own a shredder.

Shredding Louie

I think he was getting sick of just looking at it, sitting there. (Or maybe that was me…)

Shredding Louie

At this rate I should have everything shredded/chewed by this time next year.


4 responses to “shred or recycle?

    • I know! I was laughing at him when he was in the box… it’s like he was making sure I put the papers in the right one. He’s such a silly (and crazy) kitty!

  1. But it will be shredded AND covered in cat slobber, so it will do an extra good job of keeping anyone from reading it.

    • Hm you have a good point… I’ll have to make sure he does all of those credit card applications and old cards for extra security.

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