Hotel Murano

Is there such a thing as hotel karma?

I doubt it… but after my stay at Hotel Murano in Tacoma I feel like I was being repaid for my stay at the 500 West hotel/hostel in San Diego.

Hotel Murano Lobby Art

It was fancy. Definitely the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at.

There was glass art EVERYWHERE. Which makes sense because apparently “Murano” is a type of Italian glass… I didn’t know until my mom told me.

Chandeliers, statues, lighting installments, and fishing lures in the lobby…

Hotel Murano Lobby ArtHotel Murano Lobby ArtHotel Murano Lobby ArtHotel Murano Lobby Art

And each floor featured a different glass artist from around the world.

Hotel Murano Floor 8 Art

Then there were the rooms… oh my. Comfy beds, fancy bathrobes, beautiful bathrooms…

Hotel MuranoHotel Murano

My wet boots and chest waders were completely out of place… so I kept them in a corner.

Hotel Murano: My Out of Place Gear

My favorite features of the room were the Pillow, iPod, and Faith menus.

Forget your iPod? No worries. They had pre-loaded iPods with a selection of music genres.

Hotel Murano iPod Menu

Pillow too soft? Too small? That’s cool, you can request a “firm” pillow or even a body pillow to make you more comfortable.

Hotel Murano Pillow Menu

We only stayed one night for our two-day training workshop down at USGS… but I wouldn’t mind going back (especially with the government rate since it was for work)!


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  1. There’s something really wonderful about a nice hotel. And that one looks oober nice!

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