Things That Make Me Smile, Vol. 3

Life is crazy busy lately… between work stressors, event planning, trying to keep my house from falling apart, etc… sometimes I’m amazed that I even remember to breathe and brush my hair on occasion.

I felt the need for a re-focus, another reminder of the little things that make me smile… enter the third installment of Things That Make Me Smile!

Things That Make Me Smile, vol. 3

Centerpiece Arrangements

1. Fresh flowers. After Jessica’s bridal shower I had five flower arrangements to enjoy! Not only do the flowers themselves make me smile and lift my spirits, but they also serve as lovely reminders of the shower and the time I was able to spend with my friends… and that ALWAYS makes me smile.

2. Getting organized. Staying organized would make me smile even more, but that doesn’t seem to work so well for me lately.

3. THE GUILD. Oh my goodness. I meant to organize my office a bit the other day (see #2 above) but ended up searching to see if the new season of The Guild had started… and it HAD! Happy day! So instead of drinking tea and organizing like I planned, I drank my tea and watched the first four episodes of season 4… because there are only four out so far. Probably a good thing because I would have definitely stayed up way too late watching them ALL if there had been any more.

One of my favorite quotes from season 4 (so far): “Did you borrow my crayon set… and my MIND?!”

4. Friends with subscriptions to The Family Handyman. Especially when they post on Facebook about one of the articles and then bring the magazine into the office so I can borrow it after I show interest in it. Then I browse through it to prevent myself from threatening my computer when it refuses to start correctly… and found the style of fence I want to build! Hurray!