Kayla <3 Matt


I love weddings.

This wedding was such a joy to photograph… the couple is amazing, their friends and family equally so. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many smiling, joyous people at a wedding before–all clearly genuinely happy for the newlyweds.

Kayla saw some of my photos on good ol’ Facebook and asked me if I would like to do their wedding. Of course I said yes! I always look forward to weddings, but once I re-met Kayla in person a few months back I knew that I was going to really enjoy this one. Everything she described, every sample photo she showed me–I loved.

If it’s possible for a photographer and a wedding event to made for each other… I think this was mine.

As you might imagine this meant I took a lot of photos. So many that one of my batteries overheated and my camera gave me a scary warning… thankfully I had a spare battery (and I’m so glad I brought my charger with me!) so I just switched and was good to go. I missed the YMCA portion of the first dance… but I got them brushing off their shoulders so it balanced out.

It took me awhile to decide which photos to share with you here. I ended up trying something new (to me) and created little collages of photos to fit more in.

Otherwise I would have had to either make a SUPER long post or multiple shorter (but still long) posts of photos.

Enough of my chatter… here are just a handful of the 1600ish photos I took, then edited down to 600ish (and then added a bit with different “creative” versions).




Most of the photos within these little collages are just portions of the larger photo. Some of the full photos can be seen in my Love n’ Marriage Flickr set by clicking on the button in the right column.