Water in Water

A couple of weeks ago I went to a workshop by USGS that dealt with detecting ground water interactions with surface water (and I got to stay in that awesome hotel, Hotel Murano).

It was really cool… and pretty nerdy. I learned a TON but came away realizing that there is so much more to learn. The presenters frequently mentioned that they had taken/given week-long courses on just one of the many topics in the workshop. Unfortunately we didn’t have weeks to spend learning about everything–just two days!

We spent the mornings in the “classroom” and the afternoons were spent in the field to actually try some of the methods that they described.

Like using seepage meters…

Seepage MetersSeepage Meter

And injecting a harmless dye into a stream to time how quickly it moves down the reach…


They actually use devices to measure the amount of the injection at two sites downstream from the input site. They can detect the injection even beyond when it is visible to the eye.


It was a really useful workshop… but it just made me want to know even more! I guess that’s not a bad thing, right?


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  1. I once poured a whole bottle of dish soap into a little stream in the woods by our house thinking it would make the stream fill with bubbles. Unsuccessful. I only succeeded in killing a small part of the environment.

    • Haha oh Annaliese… this just made my day! I think you should take Addie to a fountain somewhere with some dish soap… and you know, see what happens…

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