my stomach knows they want to eat it!

Have you ever heard a coyote’s call? Not just howling at the moon, but when they “sing” and scream to lure dogs and other critters out to them? (Like silly humans who think they’re a hurt dog.)


My mom had heard them a few weeks ago and my sister has them outside her house all the time (but she lives in the boonies of the boonies so it’s not surprising). I hadn’t heard them or seen them at all until we got back to my parents’ house after the Enumclaw dog show.

I saw what I thought was our dog Riot, a blue merle Aussie, run into the woods when we drove in.

It took my mind a minute to realize that this “dog” wasn’t black and white like Riot, and it had a tail… which Riot does not. And it was weird because Riot usually runs towards the car to greet us, not away into the woods.

But it didn’t actually run away–it was just hiding. So it could watch us.

Then it started singing…

I sat in the car for a few minutes (I refused to get out) and we decided to leave the boys in the car. We had nearly lost Sunny earlier that day when he took off after some scent and we really didn’t want that to happen again when we knew what was out there.

I eventually got out… and tried to snap a few photos.

You can see the corner of the dogs’ “playpen” and Jessie’s head in the lower right-hand corner… and the coyote in the center.



The coyote peeking around the trees to watch me as I stood on my parents’ deck, watching IT.


Running away into the trees… where it stayed for awhile longer, singing. (And where our neighbor went to check on the “hurt dog” and my mom had to give him a mini nature lesson about wild predators.)


I think the thing that creeped me out the most was that it was still daylight…

I told my mom that my stomach was upset… either because I ate too fast (in a hurry to get my dog home where all we have to worry about is being overrun by bunnies) or because my stomach knew that the coyote wanted to eat it.