spray paint makes everything better

Ok, maybe not EVERYTHING. I wouldn’t suggest using it to try to cure any ailments.

But it DOES make many thrift store finds more awesome (or nasty old doorknobs a bit better without spending gobs of money).

I found this wire basket thing at Goodwill a few weeks ago for $2.99.


It wasn’t too bad, but I wanted to make it better.

Plus, I had been itching for a project. Unfortunately I don’t have much time lately to really devote to a project so this mini, super easy makeover would have to tide me over.

A bit of spray paint…


And I had myself a new basket for my bathroom!


I have very limited storage in my bathroom so this helps a bit. I’ll be using it for washcloths and maybe a few other items. Eventually I want to add some shelves or something–but this is a good start.


2 responses to “spray paint makes everything better

  1. I am, of course, one of spray paint’s most avid supporters. Good job on the basket, it looks brand new!

    • Thanks, Annaliese! I am slowly becoming more and more obsessed with spray painting things–it’s just too easy! (And I love the nearly instant gratification!)

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