craft FAIL

Awhile back I bought three pictures (two smaller, one bigger) that were glued on wood base things from Goodwill. They were nice, but not my style. I really just bought them for the wood piece so I could do something else to them.

I decided to paint the edges since they were different colors and then use some of my own photos on them.

I painted them with some acrylic paint I had around, mounted my printed photos (from my own printer) on colored paper, glued them to the boards, and then used Modge Podge to seal them.


There are many things that went wrong.

– The boards weren’t smooth from when I tried removing the original artwork.

– The paint wasn’t even and didn’t hide the scratches and imperfections from unsuccessfully removing the artwork.

– The Modge Podge smeared the ink on the photos, making them look dirty and making the edges gross. (Modge Podge is supposed to dry clear–but it was more dark grey and blue from the ink it picked up. Yuck.)

– The Modge Podge wrinkled the photos and didn’t dry smoothly.

– AND I put a couple of the photos on upside-down. (The boards had pre-drilled holes for hanging, which I didn’t realize until too late.)

No good.

Then I worried if they could be salvaged… I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to remove the Modge Podge gunk.


Turns out it was super easy! It just peeled right off (with a little help from a razor)!

I haven’t quite decided how to proceed from here… but I have a feeling spray paint may be involved.

(Can you find the kitty tail in the second photo?)