beautiful rainy day

My friend Jeff and his lovely wife May moved back “home” to Seattle a few weeks ago. (I went to their wedding in NY last year, remember?)

They invited and a couple of our other friends over for pumpkin pie last week… that’s just how amazing they are. (Once I finished my explorations and finally found their place I was soaked! I walked into their living room and May had a cup of hot cider waiting for me. Perfection!)

I was super early getting to the other side of the water so I decided to do a bit of exploring in their neighborhood first. The rain didn’t deter me. I had my waterproof camera in hand and was happy as can be.

I found the Good Shepherd Center using my trusty GPS and decided it would be my first destination…

Good Shepherd Center

The Good Shepherd Center is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It used to give shelter, education, and training to women… and now it is the home of many non-profit organizations and schools. Pretty sweet.

Good Shepherd Center

Good Shepherd Center

I would love to go back on less-wet day to take more photos! These little pics just don’t do it justice! (The photo above reminds me of Old Main at Western.)

Purple Flower


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