Writer’s Workshop: I luv my job

It’s that time again… Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop!

Mama's Losin' It

My chosen prompt this week:

10 reasons why you love your job.

Reason 1: I get to walk awesome beaches and “discover” places that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Point No Point

Reason 2: My colleagues make special stops during our time in the field because they knew that I had never seen something before… like this amazing little waterfall.

Dose Falls -4-

Reason 3: I could go have lunch here if I wanted.


Reason 4: I’ve learned how to identify some jellyfish species! (And I’ve counted a ridiculous amount of them.)

Water Jellies

Reason 5: I’m slowly learning how to identify juvenile salmon species. Jellyfish are easier.

Juvenile Salmon

Reason 6: I got to explore San Diego while attending a GIS conference. (I went to a few gardens at Balboa Park, the Japanese Friendship Garden, and wandered around a lot!)

Alcazar Garden

Reason 7: I get to experience new things and push myself both in and out of the office. I might get muddy or fall down a bit, but I always get back up and learn a lot in the process! (Plus I get a few good laughs, stories, and usually a few pictures!)

Reason 8: How can I not love my job when I get the opportunity to have lunch at a place like this? (Ok, and do a bit of beach seining, too.)

Reason 9: I get to learn a lot of new things that aren’t necessarily GIS-focused, like how to detect groundwater-surface water interactions. So cool! (And, yes, quite nerdy. GIS is the main focus of my position and I’m always learning more about it… but photos of me sitting in front of a computer managing data and making maps isn’t quite as interesting or as pretty as photos from the field.)

Seepage Meters

And finally, Reason 10: The people are amazing. (I don’t have a picture of the people I get to work with… how about another pretty picture from San Diego instead? There’s fish in it… we work with fish… it’s kinda related. Ok, I know it’s a stretch!)

Japanese Friendship Garden


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    • Haha they do look like bubbles! Thankfully these little guys aren’t dangerous, just a bit slimy and squishy, so you wouldn’t be harmed if you swam around with them. We’ve caught a few Lion’s Mane jellies that sting a bit, but nothing like the box jellyfish!

    • VERY lucky, blessed, fortunate, etc!! (Plus an awesome grandmother who always has her eye out for things I might be interested in.)

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