My Friend

I can’t believe we’re turning 26 this year.

I can’t believe we’ve been friends for 14 years.

Sometimes I still feel like we’re 12… yet so glad we’re not!

I wish that we saw each other more often. (Can that be a new-birth-year resolution?)

I’m glad I get to see you this weekend.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day today (and every other day) because it’s your birthday. Scout out 26 for me and let me know how it goes, ok? I’ll be following closely behind.

You’ll always be my lobster.

Happy Birthday, my Lizzy Lady. The Mario to my Luigi. My “Peach Lifesaver.”

My friend.

And happy birthday to my one and only mother. The one who puts up with my crazy ideas, my occasional crankiness (and then feeds me), offers to mow my grass and helps me with any project I cook up. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without her… and yes, we do look alike.


2 responses to “My Friend

  1. i hope it continues to be a yearly tradition that i get a birthday shout out! like last year, this one made me tear up a bit. i ADORE you, i’m excited to see you Saturday and YES please lets make a resolution to see each other more often. also, Happy Birthay Mama Burlingame! Hugs hugs hugs hugs

    p.s. we have so many random inside jokes i don’t even know where Peach Lifesaver came from!

    • Peach Lifesaver is from Jr High when Erin and I gave everyone Lifesaver “flavors”–and you were Peach! (I was Raspberry, Erin was Orange… and there were a bunch others that I don’t even remember! I think Jacob was Watermelon…) But yes, we do have a LOT of inside jokes/stories! If for some crazy reason we decided we didn’t want to be friends anymore we would have to stick together anyway because we both know too much.

      I was going to write on your fb wall, but this seemed better. :)

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