loving Baby Enzo

Hi Friends…

Most of you have probably heard about the tragedy that took place on Highway 303 in East Bremerton this week. Kate, Todd, and their three young children were in their little Kia when it was hit by a man driving an SUV. Their car was totaled and little Enzo, the youngest of the children, was severely injured. (I went to high school with Beth, one of Kate’s older sisters.)

Baby Enzo is now fighting for his life.

He and his family can use all the support you are able to give: thoughts, prayers, happy wishes, etc.

The Safeway on Callow in West Bremerton is holding a donation drive this Sunday, October 10, from 10am until 4pm for the Babcock-Williams family.

An account has also been set up with Kitsap Credit Union for monetary support. (Just ask for the Williams (Enzo) Donation Account.)

If you want to read more and learn about Enzo’s condition, check out this blog, Baby-Zo, that has been set up by one of his loving aunts.

And here’s one of the articles by the Kitsap Sun about the accident.

I have to say that it has been amazing to see all of the support on Facebook and through the Baby-Zo blog. When so many terrible things are happening in the world, it gives me hope to see how a community can show this much love for this family… even in the simplest ways, like shoes…

Apparently the impact knocked Kate’s shoes right off of her feet. When she jumped out of the car (after they stopped spinning) to get her kids, she realized she had no shoes on. I asked where the shoes were and she doesn’t know because she never returned to the car. Then I asked Kate what she is wearing on her feet right now at the hospital. She said that a lady stopped and gave her the shoes right off her own feet. Amazing how wonderful people can be! (Baby-Zo)