we’re not 16 anymore… and that’s OK

Saturday after Jessica and Ricky’s wedding I went to Sara and Kyle’s home to spend some time with some of our high school friends.

I was already bone tired from the day’s events (and from the rehearsal the evening before) so it was really nice to be able to just sit back, relax, have a bit to eat and drink, and enjoy the company of so many great friends.

Sara and Kyle provided hot dogs and hamburgers for us… and the MEN cooked them up on the grill.

Men and FireThen we sat on the bulkhead and enjoyed the last few rays of the sun while the ferry passed by.

Bremerton-Seattle Ferry

All too soon it became too chilly to sit outside.

We went back in the house for a few rousing rounds of Catchphrase (one of my favorite games!) and later Guesstures once Ashley and her beau arrived. (I believe the ladies’ team won Guesstures. We’re awesome like that.)

Kyle's Feet

At one point we had all commented that 930pm felt like at least 11pm and how old we felt… and then the next time I checked it was after 2am!

I’m glad that I was able to spend the time with them all… I hadn’t seen Ashley or John since John’s going-away-BBQ, and John was just up from California for the weekend. Liz and Justin are closer in the Seattle area but I still don’t get to see them all too often.

Feet Swingin'


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  1. You all look so dog-gone grown up! And now I’m so curious if I’ve seen their new house before when I’ve driven around Manette.

    • LOL I didn’t even mean to be sneaky! I guess while everyone was busy eating/admiring the sunset…

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