the bunnies’ evil plan

It’s no secret that I have a constant battle with my lawn.

There’s a lot of it, it grows fast, and I have little time to keep it cut to a manageable height. Plus I don’t have a decent weed-eater so the edges all look yucky no matter what.

I finally had an evening free and was determined to get it mowed… or at least the tallest/worst places. I knew it was only going to get worse so I just needed to buck up and do it.

I got one “section” of my yard mowed–the lower area that was mostly tall weeds and wet moss. It was a pain, but I got it done.

Then I started the area around my house. The drain field for my septic is in my front yard and creates a very fertile area where the grass is always green and grows at a much faster rate than the rest. I wanted to get this area knocked down before moving on to the rest. It was already starting to get dark so I needed to hurry.

I had to be tricky about mowing because the long gross grass kept jamming the mower blades. I was going good… and then something happened. The handles of the mower twisted funny and one side broke loose.


Apparently the wing-nut-like piece came loose and fell off without my noticing. When I pulled the mower to turn it, it caused the bolt to pop out and land somewhere in the grass. I was able to find the wing-nut-like piece but couldn’t find the bolt… which meant no more grass cutting.

My sister said that it was the bunnies’ evil plan all along. They like to hide in the long grass.

She might be on to something…

I really wanted to get it all done so I could move onto the fun part: planting my new blubs! I guess they have to wait a bit longer now.