pink lemons don’t make pink lemonade

Pink Lemon Tree

I bought a tree!

A variegated pink lemon tree to be exact.

Sara and Kyle bought one at Clear Creek Nursery when they moved to Bremerton. I kept smelling the fragrant flowers each time I carried something into the house when I helped them move in. They smell so much like jasmine… I knew I had to have one of my own.

Pink Lemon Blossoms

I was at the Nursery to do an engagement shoot with Brittani, a friend of mine from high school, and her fiance, Scott (photos to come!). I told them about the lemon tree and then midway through our time hanging out we found them.

I ended up buying one– and so did they! At 40% off we couldn’t resist! (I think they got a couple other trees, too, but I really don’t have a place to plant any yet so I had to control myself. I got some apples and local raw honey instead.)

Pink Lemon Blossoms

I kept the tag with the care information… I want to put together a gardening binder of some sort so I remember how to not kill things. I want to find a pretty and inexpensive pot to put it in. I’m planning on keeping it in a pot so I can bring it inside when it gets too cold out.

I really like this tree so I hope that I can keep it alive!!

Pink Lemon Blossoms

Although, Taylor doesn’t seem to be too impressed.