bad brass

I like my kitchen.

(Freshly after painting last October, complete with clutter!)

It’s a good size considering how small my house is; it’s open; the cabinets are practically new.

But the lighting leaves much to be desired. The fixtures themselves are nice, but they don’t give nearly as much light as I would like.

I haven’t quite committed to what I want to do to remedy the lack-of-light dilemma, but in the meantime I got this:

I know, it’s brass… gross. But it was FREE! And it adds so much more light in my kitchen! I need to get a hook thing to swing it to a more central location (probably over where my someday-island will be).

I took off the rings on the glass shades in an attempt to reduce the amount of brass-ness and it helped.

The next step is… SPRAY PAINT! (Surprised? Didn’t think so!)

Before I get to that step I have to decide what color I want to go with… a clean white? a darker bronzey to match my cabinet pull knobs? or maybe something really different and fun like the chandelier before and after featured on Design*Sponge? (probably not purple/plum, but maybe a yellow or blue?)

Decisions, decisions…


2 responses to “bad brass

  1. I think a darker blue (than the walls) or a yellow (a nice yellow not like your previous walls!) would compliment the room VERY nicely. Have some fun with it!

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